I love the sound of broken glass....

Amazingly, we managed to transport my work to the People's Theatre Gallery with all glass intact, only to break one of the large ones whilst hanging - grrrrrr! (what's the deal with glass? when you try to break it on purpose the hammer bounces off!) So.......there is a gap waiting to be filled on Monday.

Overall, am pleased, looking good (the work not me - I look like crap!)

So.....labels, lists, wine etc and I'm ready for Monday evening. If you are reading this you are invited, so come and have a snifter and a peek.

Massive thank you to my big bro Dave for all his strong-arm stuff.

'Moving Pictures' Bernadette Koranteng, People's Theatre Gallery May 9-29 Preview May 9th 6-8pm with special performance of 'Space' by the Eliot Smith Company

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