conversations with myself 2.jpeg
Conversations with Myself

2021 Self-portrait Theme, ongoing.

Left: Looking Back, Charcoal and Carbon

Right: Still There, Charcoal and Carbon

conversations with myself 1.jpeg
adam and eve.jpg
Adam and Eve

Inspired by the Bible story of Adam and Eve, this theme is ongoing working in Drawing, Linocut and Wood Engraving. New work to follow.

Left: Forbidden Fruit, Linocut 2019

Right: Under His Eye, Charcoal and Carbon on Paper, 2021

under his eye.JPEG
Urban Madonna_ Cherish
Urban Madonna

2015 This theme formed a Solo Exhibition at the Bob Abley Gallery, Spennymoor.

Left: Cherish, mixed media.

Right: Fragment, mixed media


2004 This theme formed a Solo Exhibition at the Cluny Gallery, Newcastle

Left: Paris, mixed-media collage


Boxing, Charcoal and Carbon on Paper

This theme formed a solo Exhibition at the Cluny Gallery Newcastle in 2007