Bernadette Koranteng


Bernadette Koranteng Art 

Bernadette Koranteng (nee Coxon) is best known for her strong, sensuous nudes and atmospheric compositions. The human form has always been a source of inspiration, whether as a celebration of the physicality of the body or as a symbol of what it is to be human, to express feelings we all experience and which connect us as human beings: joy, loss, sensuality, longing, isolation.

In Landscape she is drawn to the wild, wind-blown woodlands of the North, finding inspiration in their mysterious atmosphere.

Born and raised in the North East of England she moved to London to study at the Royal Academy of Art, remaining in London for several years. Here she exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Festival Hall and the Royal Academy as well as smaller independent galleries.

She returned to the North East in 1990 and continued to develop her studio practice whilst bringing up two daughters, now based at Beda Studio in County Durham. Her work has always had a strong Drawing foundation but in recent years she has experimented widely with materials and techniques, becoming more abstract with an emphasis on surface and texture. 

Contemporary Figurative Artist